Gravely ZT X

All the cutting power you need at home with the Gravely ZT X.

Redesigned for comfort and style, the ZT X combines zero-turn efficiency with legendary Gravely performance. Mow with professional-level precision and control. ​

Decks: 42-60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FR691V
Kohler® 7000 Pro


Gravely ZT XL

Put the heavy duty ZT XL to the test on your toughest acreage.

Built for big jobs, the ZT XL has been redesigned with vibration isolators and a high-back seat to combine professional cut quality and comfort. Out-maneuver any obstacle with more deck sizes to meet your demands.

Decks: 42-60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FR651V, FR691V, FR730V
Kohler® 7000 w/smart choke


For homeowners who don’t just want to mow their lawn but prefer to manicure it. After all, this is a residential mower often mistaken for a commercial unit.

It has the power, durability, and high performance that lawn aficionados demand – causing them to ask whether or not their lawn is worthy of such a machine.

Decks: 44-60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FR651V, FX691V, FR730V
Kohler® 7000 Pro w/smart choke

Pro-Turn Z

Performance and comfort don’t need to be mutually exclusive. The Pro-Turn Z has wrapped them both in a new, bolder look that’s packed full of commercial-grade features. But the biggest surprise is it still maintains its attractive baseline price.

All-day comfort, an unparalleled cut and Gravely’s signature durability make the Pro-Turn Z a no-nonsense workhorse worthy of bearing the Gravely name.

Decks: 48-60″
Engine: Gravely 764 Pro

Pro-Turn ZX

The Pro-Turn ZX is the mower that’s cracked the code for delivering great performance at a great value.

Its solid construction will tackle the toughest commercial jobs and leave a beautifully manicured lawn in its wake.

Don’t let its price point fool you, this mower was built to not just exceed expectations but to redefine them.

Decks: 48-60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX691V, FX730V


Loaded with state-of-the art features, the agile Compact-Pro® offers full commercial strength in a smaller frame.

These zero-turn mowers deliver performance, power and durability with maximum versatility.

Decks: 34-44″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX481V, FX600V

Pro-Turn 100

Put your best foot forward with the power and performance of the Pro-Turn 100.

Every inch is of value on the Pro-Turn 100. Packed with Gravely brand’s time-tested features, this hard-working mower stands up to your toughest jobs.

Decks: 48-60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX691V, FX730V
Kohler® ZT730, ZT740, Confident EFI EZT725, EZT740
Yamaha® MX800V

Pro-Turn 200

Tackle demanding jobs day after day with the durable performance of the Pro-Turn 200.

Smart design and durability are packed into the Pro-Turn 200. Nimble and comfortable, the 200 delivers performance season after season with a full suspension seat system and a 7-gauge X-Factor deck.

Decks: 52-72″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX850V, FX921V
Kohler® ZT740, EFI ECV860
Yamaha® MX775V EFI, MX825V

Pro-Turn Mach One

Overgrown properties, stalky grasses and wet conditions are no match for the Mach One.

The tunnel deck directs clippings away from the blades, keeping them from getting bogged down.

Decks: 60″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX921V

Pro-Turn 400

Overtime is just the beginning for the full-time performance and power engineered into this durable industry leader.

The Pro-Turn 400 delivers, with a stronger frame, smarter controls and a smoother ride, it out works, outperforms and outlasts the competition.

Decks: 52-72″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX850V, FX1000V
Kohler® EFI ECV880
Yamaha® MX775V EFI, MX825V EFI

Pro-Turn 600

Introducing the new Pro-Turn 600, the latest and greatest addition to our new generation of zero turn lawnmowers. We’ve pulled out all the stops to build a commercial machine focused on operator comfort without sacrificing its superior performance, and we wrapped it all up in a sleek new design.

You’ll cut more acreage faster yet feel less fatigued when you trailer-up for the night. Once you hop on board this new standard for commercial mowers, you’ll never look back.

Decks: 52-72″
Engine: Kawasaki® FX850V, FX1000, FX1000 EFI