The Fuzion blends the tough durability and professional quality of a commercial mower with the affordability of a homeowner machine. But the Fuzion is not your typical residential lawn mower. With its welded frame, fabricated deck, and 10-year deck warranty, it gives you value that will last.

Model Deck Size Engine
F34K20 34″ Kawasaki®
F42K20 42″ Kawasaki®


Technologically-advanced, versatile and built to last, the Encore Edge ensures a superior cut even in the most challenging conditions. A perfect combination of muscle and efficiency, the Edge will leave your lawn a cut above the rest.

Model Deck Size Engine
EE48FR691V32 48″ Kawasaki®
EE52FR691V32 52″ Kawasaki®
EE60FR730V32 60″ Kawasaki®
EE52FX691V34 52″ Kawasaki®
EE60FX730V34 60″ Kawasaki®


Can’t get your zero turn through the 36″ gates? The 34″ Dart will get you in, out and onto the next property–leaving behind a beautiful cut while saving you money along the way.

Model Deck Size Engine
ED34FS600V 34″ Kawasaki®


The Caliber was built with your bottom line in mind. It is a combination of industry leading components and rugged engineering that can take the punishment of those long mowing hours and still deliver the perfect cut every time you drive it off the trailer.

Model Deck Size Engine
EC52FX801V4 52″ Kawasaki®
EC60FX850V5X 60″ Kawasaki®


Get power and versatility with the true, floating deck on a mid-mount rider. The Prowler’s articulating, floating deck was developed to “keep the cut” on uneven ground–minimizing scalping and maximizing stability and comfort.

Model Deck Size Engine
EP60FX921V5 60″ Kawasaki®
EP60MX800EV5 60″ Yanmar®
EP72FX1000V5 72″ Kawasaki®
EP72MX825EV5 72″ Yanmar®
EP72MX825EV5RD 72″ Yanmar®
EP72BSV37EV5RD 72″ Briggs & Stratton®


The Rage stand-on machine combines the flexibility and safety of a walk-behind mower with the speed and precision of a sit-down rider. The ergonomically designed, contoured operator pad and easy flip-up, shock absorbing platform are examples of the focus given to operator comfort. The Rage will give you a professional cut without having to pay the professional price.

Model Deck Size Engine
ER32FS600VL 32″ Kawasaki®
ER36FS600VL 36″ Kawasaki®
ER48FX730VX 48″ Kawasaki®
ER52FX730VX 52″ Kawasaki®
ER60FX730VX 60″ Kawasaki®


Get smart design, tough construction, an even cut and great value with Encore’s Premier Belt Series. There is a size for every job with 32″, 36″ and 48″ deck options—with large rear tires for maximum traction and heavy duty front casters for maneuverability.

Model Deck Size Engine
EW32FS481V 32″ Kawasaki®
EW36FS481V 36″ Kawasaki®
EW48FS481V 48″ Kawasaki®